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Meet Our Team

Heidi Edwards

Conference Coordinator/Registrar [email protected] 413-577-8091

Kelsey Murray

Event Sales Coordinator [email protected] 413-577-8232

Christopher Van Rooyen

Event Sales Coordinator [email protected] 413-577-8233

Kevin Paul

Executive Sous Chef of Catering

Cynthia Nardulli

Director of Catering

Jennylyn Fontaine

Director of Hospitality [email protected] 413-577-8094

Amber Paluk

Conference Sales Manager [email protected] 413-577-8097

Kelsey Fitzgerald

Conference Sales Manager [email protected] 413-577-8232

Bill Trzpit

Dining Services Sales Specialist [email protected] 413-577-8092

Bethany Morrissette

Events Sales Office Manager [email protected] 413-577-8231

Rochelle Feldman

Event Sales Coordinator [email protected] 413-577-8234

Laura Judd

Conference Coordinator/Registrar [email protected] 413-577-8093

Ashley Maisonet

Conference Coordinator/Registrar [email protected] 413-577-8096

Rebeccah Johnson

Senior Conference Coordinator/Registrar [email protected] 413-577-8101

Evan Maryea

Summer Conference Housing Coordinator [email protected] 413-577-8090

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