University on massachusetts amherst

University on massachusetts amherst

Congratulations to Noah & Emily as the winners to the UMass Wedding Contest!

We cannot wait to help you tie the knot! Follow their journey to getting married at @umassweddings


“It was a sunny afternoon in September of 2014 when Emily and Noah’s love story began as freshmen at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. The two first crossed paths in the stir-fry line at the bustling Berkshire Dining Commons, courtesy of a mutual friend's introduction. Berk soon became the venue for their first official date… and second, third, and fourth dates as well. Despite initial plans to focus solely on personal aspirations during their first semester, Emily and Noah became smitten with one another and swiftly reconsidered, officially starting their relationship in November of 2014.  

UMass proved to be the perfect environment for Emily and Noah to flourish, both individually and as a couple. Emily spent her days studying business and working diligently in the Meal Plan Office, while Noah pursued his Kinesiology degree and thrived in his role as a cook on the Baby Berk truck. Outside of school and work, the couple found time to immerse themselves in the diverse culture of UMass, competing in intramural sports, frequenting the Fine Arts Center, and soaking up the sun by the campus pond.

Emily and Noah now reside in Bellingham, Massachusetts with their beloved 3-year-old rescue dog, Margot. As they plan for their future together, including their upcoming marriage and starting a family, they can't help but look back on their time at UMass with fondness and gratitude. It was there that they first met and fell in love, and they will always cherish the memories they made in Amherst.....”

Emily Bamberry, Class of 2018, Major - Operations and Information Management     
Noah Collier, Class of 2018, Major - Kinesiology