University on massachusetts amherst

University on massachusetts amherst

Catering Policies

Order Requests 

Orders may be placed via email, phone, in person at the 8th floor of the campus center, or online at our website. Please make sure you receive confirmation of your online order to guarantee delivery.For large events, we appreciate a three week notice to ensure appropriate staffing and to confirm menu availability. There is a $25 minimum on all Express orders. If we are unable to meet a particular request, every attempt will be made to find suitable accommodations.Please remember to instruct your sales associate in advance if anyone in your party has specific dietary needs. Outside food and beverages are not allowed at the Campus Center without contracted prior permission and cannot be served by UMass Catering elsewhere on campus. Please visit the UMass Procurement Policies web page for additional information on the Campus Catering Policy. 

Contract/Event Order 

You will receive an Event Order Contract and Estimate the next business day or earlier detailing your order. We require this document to be signed or confirmed via email and also may require a deposit. The Event Order must be confirmed within 24 hours of receipt or your order may not be processed. We ask that you please review these documents carefully as they will be used to prepare your order. Upon delivery of your order a member of the catering staff will review the order with the on site contact to ensure accuracy. Please let us know if you need to make special arrangements for delivery. 

Buffet Details 

Linens and decor are provided for buffet service tables at the Campus Center and whenever possible elsewhere on Campus. Staff members will be on site to attend to the buffet service area and may need space off site to set up and break down the service. Buffet service requires a 20 person minimum for breakfast and 25 for lunch, dinner and themed buffets. Please inquire with your sales associate to accommodate smaller groups and special events. 


Client event cancelations require a 72 hours notice to avoid being billed for any costs incurred. Examples of incurred costs include, but are not limited to, the cost of food items and supplies ordered for the event.In case of a University cancellation, the Catering Office will be OPEN, therefore our cancellation policy will still apply. Make sure to contact our office at 413-577-8200 if a University closing is a possibility for the day of your event.Every effort will be made to reschedule events due to campus closings or emergency situations. 


Linen is included on food service tables and seating tables when full service catering is ordered. Full service catering includes the Country Style Breakfast Buffet, Luncheon Buffet, Plated Luncheon, Dinner Buffets, Themed Buffets and Plated Dinners. Linen is ONLY included on food service tables when Breaks, Receptions and other individual catering items are ordered from the Catering menu. The Express menu items do NOT come with any linen, but we are glad to provide it or paper drapes for an additional fee. Please consult with your Event Coordinator for a list of linen options and charges. 

Alcohol Policy 

All alcohol and alcohol service on campus must be provided by UMass Catering. Service will require additional fees and may require a special Liquor License from the town. Bartenders are required to ID all guests prior to serving alcoholic beverages and to refuse service of alcoholic beverages to any person who appears intoxicated. UMass Catering is the only licensed authority to serve and sell alcoholic beverages on the premises. Therefore, alcohol is not permitted to be brought into any function rooms. 

House Charge 

A Customary 18% house charge is automatically added to the final bill with the exception of express events. The addition to non-express items to an express order will add an 18% charge to the entire bill. Please inquire with your sales associate about the house charge or additional fees. 

Our Commitment 

Deliveries will be made in 100% compostable or recyclable containers plus service items and beverages will be in recyclable cans or bottles. Every effort will be made to provide condiments and sides in a sustainable manner. Please feel free to ask your delivery associate if you have any questions about trash streaming after your event.

Food Safety 

UMass Catering takes exceptional care to follow recommended proper food handling procedures in the best interests of our clients and guests to help reduce the risk of foodborne illness. As such, we have certain service guidelines designed to help us maintain this high level of food safety practice. These guidelines include not serving or making available for service any food or beverage that was not produced or supplied by UMass Catering/Dining or one of our approved vendors; adhering to time limits that food may be held safely for service; and keeping customers from removing perishable foods from functions for later consumption. These and other guidelines have been put in place to help protect you and the University from the risk of foodborne illness.